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Are you Bean-Boozled?

I know my blogger friends had mentioned the Bean Boozled game before but I didn’t think much of it until it crept into my office. Two co-workers had been tossing around the idea and before you know it, a little package arrived full of mystery Jelly Belly flavors.

We gathered around the center table giddy with excitement to play a rousing round of jelly bean roulette. I was nominated to go first. That’s alright, I’ll be the brave one.

Are you confuzled about what Bean Boozled is? Well, if you have ever laid your eyes on Jelly Belly’s line of Harry Potter jelly beans, you’ll know that there are some…..creative flavors out there. There’s gotta be someone out there that enjoys a good ear wax flavored Jelly Belly….right? ANYWAY. Bean Boozled is a lovely little game of roulette with your mouth.

Each colored bean has two options of what the flavor is. One option is fruity, and the other option could be coming straight from a night of drunk puking. The catch is that both look identical, therefore you can’t tell one from the other.

If you get the “deluxe” model, a lovely little chart and spinner come with. You spin the circle of death and the little arrow decides your fate. Do you dare to play?


Definitely an intense and fun game to play with friends or workers and with flavors like Tutti Fruity, Juicy Pear, and Chocolate Pudding you’d like you couldn’t go wrong….But with flavors like Barf, Boogers, and Dog Food….you become a little nauseated.

Let’s just say the flavors are true to their title. You’ll have to try them to find out for yourself. I would hate to be the poor sucker that actually has to taste test those bad boys….I can see it now, “Oh this is just not barfy enough, can you add a little more nausea?” or “This dog food tastes more like Blue Buffalo, I’m looking for Purina.”

If you’re looking to dive in to the Bean-Boozled world you can buy them here

*Bean Boozled was purchased by one of my coworkers, no one was paid to review this crazy game.

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