Clear Lake. Chicago. Tourism. Yes.

Amy Hild of Modern Rural Living was a very influential woman in North Central Iowa. I always kept tabs on what she was doing, what fashions and techie gadgets were going to be the next big thing, where I should go and places I should eat through her social media pages and blog. I loved everything about the way she wrote and what she wrote about. It’s like she was speaking my mind. I will remember her as a great person who always had a smile on her face and a helpful hand for everyone she met.

It was only days before she left our world that she had helped guide me to start my own blog. With tips and tricks on how to make it look neat and what people love to hear about. I think I am off to a good start but I will always strive to be as awesome as that woman.

Amy was one of 8 people selected to take a trip to Chicago with the Clear Lake Chamber towards the beginning of May. After her passing I received a message via Facebook asking if I would be able to take her place on the trip. Tears of sadness and happiness come to my eyes as I type this.  I am sad there is an empty seat on the plane, but honored to be asked by the North Iowa Bloggers to take Amy’s place on the trip. I hope I can write about this trip as great as I know Amy would have.

Clear Lake, IA is a wonderful place to go if you need to have a short and sweet “get-away.” There are many events that happen in Clear Lake throughout the year that everyone should attend. I am going to highlight my very favorites, along with giving my mom’s business a plug here and there (best steak sandwiches life has to offer.)

Thursdays on Main
Every Thursday during the summer Clear Lake blocks off Main Street and has several vendors from North Iowa set up along the streets as well as live bands and drinks….You can’t forget the drinks! If you haven’t checked out a Thursday on Main you definitely need to. They start June 11th–of course the Iowa Grill will be there serving the best steak sandwiches life has to offer (right across from the VFW)–and go throughout the summer. It’s fun to see people in the community as well as check out what’s new on the market along with crafters and fundraisers.

Independence Day in Clear Lake
The 4th of July is one of the biggest holiday events in the North Iowa Area. Evan’s United Shows Carnival comes to town with a bunch of classic and crazy carnival rides and games. In home business owners and crafters set up near the beach to sell their goods and the fireworks. Ah, the FIREWORKS. The fireworks in Clear Lake are my favorite part. Especially if I’m on a boat. Clear Lake’s 4th of July Fireworks are launched off a barge IN THE LAKE. Can you believe it? I think it is so cool. There is nothing cooler than being in a boat on the lake while the fireworks are going off. They seem so huge because you have to tilt your head all the way back to see them….sometimes…ashes from the fireworks drift into your boat. SO COOL…Ok, maybe not the ashes, but being on the lake in a boat in the dark with all the fireworks going off is awesome, have I expressed that yet?

Clear Lake Harvest Festival
Do you like wine and beer? I know I do. Loves it. In Iowa we have many wineries and breweries. The Clear Lake Harvest Festival is an amazing fall party that offers samples of all of the local breweries and wineries North Iowa has to offer. The event is usually held in October and tickets can be purchased at the Clear Lake Chamber office. Your ticket includes an awesome goodie bag with an engraved wine glass. I now have a collection of 4. The engraved wine glasses are fun because they are specific to that year and you can have them and use them forever! Along with the wine glass there are many other goodies inside. Now you all know what goes great with wine and beer samples, right? THE IOWA GRILL, DUH! Of course the world’s best steak sandwiches will be offered at the Clear Lake Harvest Festival, in it’s usual spot across from the VFW. The unique thing about receiving all these samples is that Clear Lake makes it a tour of their downtown area. Certain stores and restaurants host a sampling and participants walk along the streets and into stores to not only get their beer and wine samples, but to see what goodies hide inside some local businesses of Main Street, Clear Lake.

Now these are only three of my favorite events in Clear Lake, there are so many MANY more that Clear Lake has to offer, such as Buddy Holly weekend and the C.L.A.S.S. Car Show. If you haven’t made the trip to Clear Lake, IA yet, I highly suggest you do! If you’d like more information on happenings in Clear Lake, be sure to check out their new magazine: Destination: Clear Lake.

If you’re from a large town (such as Chicago) and want to have a quiet get away to a quaint town in Iowa, Clear Lake is only a small plane ride away! Thanks to Mason City’s new airline, Air Choice One, people can fly from Mason City/Clear Lake to Chicago, or Chicago to Mason City/Clear Lake for one low price in a comfortable plane. Did I mention that there’s FREE PARKING? Yeah, free parking is awesome. Thanks to Air Choice One and The Clear Lake Chamber for providing the flight to Chicago for the EPIC trip the North Iowa Bloggers are about to embark on.

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  1. I love the Iowa Grill! Toasty Dogs are my favorite thing to order, but those steak sandwiches are awesome too! I can’t wait for the summer events to start. Thanks for sharing your excitement!

  2. As I read all these Clear Lake posts I realize that I still have an incredible amount of things to still do in Clear Lake! Good golly! Thanks for your great suggestions and we are all so glad that you will be representing Amy on this trip. It is going to be bittersweet, isn’t it? But you are the perfect fit.

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