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I received a gift card to Lou Malnati’s to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

If you know me now, you know I love a good pizza. Being able to check out a Chicago pizza must do was just the icing on the cake. Shortly after we left the SkyDeck Ledge, we made our way to Lou Malnati’s River North location to feed our pizza hunger. The North Iowa Bloggers are pizza conisuers so this clearly was going to be a good time.

Lou’s didn’t oIMG_2884pen until 11:00 and we arrived shortly before (10:30) with weak and tired legs hoping to have a seat while we wait. We called to see if we could come in early and wait while they open but the person who answered the phone said they would not open the doors until 11:00. Coming from the food service industry I understand this 100% because I hated when we had customers come into the restaurant before we were open and ready to serve them. Obviously, Lou Malnati’s being who they are, if they were to let everyone come in and wait for them to open, the whole restaurant would be full before they were prepared to serve!
A couple of the cooks did come outside and set up the patio so we could sit and wait. By the time they opened the doors there was a line of 3 or 4 groups waiting to get it. We were sent upstairs (maybe we’re the fun ones, the rowdy ones, or the naughty ones?) But it was a blast!! I could tell it was going to be a good experience because classic 90’s music was bumpin’ in the 2nd floor.

Our server was Jason. He was awesome. I want him every time I go to Lou’s. He played along with our funIMG_2890 having and joked around with us. It’s always fun to have a server that likes to have some fun. He gladly guided us through the menu which was nice being a first timer.

Our table went with some pizza chips and various spreads for an appetizer. My favorite spread was the hummus. I love hummus. We were then served a family style salad with a variety of dressings to try. Lou’s has their very own house dressing that you can purchase and take home (you can even order online HERE.) Of course I am a ranch girl and I love a good house made ranch. Along with our appetizers and salad we each got a personal deep dish pizza. Mine was classic pepperoni with a garlic crust and extra cheese. Deep dish pizzas at Lou’s take about 45 minutes to cook.

It was nice to be forewarned in case we were in a rush. Of course we had no where to go so we didn’t mind the wait, and loved taking in the atmosphere. If you’re looking for something a little quicker, they have a lunch special option that includes pop and a salad, however the deep dish pizza you order is already half cooked. We wanted to go with the full experience so we went with the normal personal pan orders. I just HAD to post a picture of my amazing picture of my pizza to Facebook and my husband sent me this hilarious text:

His pizza did look delicious but it just wasn't official Chicago pizza.

His pizza did look delicious but it just wasn’t official Chicago pizza.

I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza and man was it loaded with pepperonis and cheese! It was like nothing I’ve had before. To top off our great experience at Lou’s with Jason, he gave us a super special dessert of a cookie pizza and ice cream balls. It was the perfect sweet treat I thought I could never eat because I was so stuffed….but I made room. 🙂

this is when my time with the selfie stick was over. (donnahup.com selfie stick)

this is when my time with the selfie stick was over. (donnahup.com selfie stick)

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