Natural Plus Nursery is a Plus….Naturally!

I always admire someone who can keep a plant alive for longer than 3 months. I have a friend who boasts, “Oh my Orchid is on it’s 5th bloom!” Although her Orchids are beautiful and I love her dearly, jealousy fills me up! No matter how hard I try, or how much I want to succeed, plants often crumble under my care. Even the most “Plants for Dummies” type plants tend to turn brown and fade away on me.

IMG_2659To try to learn what my problem is, I went on yet another adventure with the North Iowa Bloggers. My fellow blogger friend, Mary, and her husband (I have to laugh because husband autocorrected to housemaid) inherited the Natural Plus Nursery located in Clear Lake from his side of the family. It’s a wonderful nursery that has been around for over 35 years.

Natural Plus Nursery carries more heartier plants that can withstand the weather elements. Something new I learned about plants and climate is there is a guide that will tell you what kind of weather conditions certain plants will thrive in. In the guide they use the term “Zones.” North Central Iowa is in Zone 4. Located on the tags of the plants at the nursery, it will tell you what zones they will be good in. Zone 4 just sounds like a wonderful and neutral zone to be in!


Mary set up a fun scavenger hunt for us to get more acquainted with the nursery and with several plants that grow in our area. I will tell you, I also failed at the scavenger hunt, but that’s ok, I had fun doing it! (Plus, that’s how I learned about zones!) Katy, from Learning As I Go was a definite pro in this department and took home the cute prize of a pot in the shape of a boot and planting equipment.

Speaking of prizes! I have a give away for you!! Feel free to enter to win a $100 gift card to Natural Plus Nursery (this will get your outdoor plants a poppin’!) Click the link at the end of the blog post to enter!

The thing that caught my eye at the Natural Plus Nursery the most were the succulents. I have seen tons and tons of cute arrangements on Pinterest of succulent plants to liven up a room, office area, kitchen, whatever. I learned that succulents can withstand a lot I might dive in to try and make a small succulent arrangement for my new desk at my new job! (just LOOK AT THOSE CUTE SUCCS!)


Now, it’s not a North Iowa Blogger get together unless there is food involved. Beth Ann from It’s Just Life –  Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary went above and beyond and made the cutest, most delicious dirt I have ever eaten…..If by dirt you mean, Oreo crumbs…OH FO SHO! She put on a spread back at Mary’s house with delicious Dirt Cups, Dirt Chow, Ants on a Log and more! check out the pic of yumminess!

food picI

know when my family is ready for some outdoor landscaping we will be going to Natural Plus Nursery. I love that it’s locally owned and family owned. If you’d like to check them out go ahead and find them on Facebook or visit their website….better yet!! Take the trip there! 10075 263rd Street in Clear Lake!

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  1. Great post and FO SHO you need some succulents! I have a really cute vertical planter with them in and need to add a few more this year so guess where I will head??? Thanks for the shout out on the food. It was such a fun afternoon!

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