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I was chosen by Origami Owl- April Cahalan Independent Designer to be an Origami Owl Ambassador. She has given me this product to review and share information about Origami Owl. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I was first introduced to Origami Owl back in 2012 at an expo in Blue Earth, Minnesota. I thought the products were adorable, however after my failed attempt at purchasing jewelry from another similar designer (my fingers turned green from the ring guaranteed to not turn green,) I held back from buying anything. As time went on I saw more and more people wearing these adorable pieces of jewelry and lockets with charms inside. I just had to see what it was about!

I found April, who is awesome and enthusiastic and was the perfect one to host my Origami Owl for me. My oh my I got a ton of stuff! Necklaces, bracelets, lockets, and charms galore! Seriously, there is a charm for every moment in your life that you can think of.

Recently, Origami Owl came out with these super cute bag clips/key chains (which is the product for review.) I have the large locket bag clip. Inside I have charms that represent my cute little family. I was totally excited to hear I was chosen as an ambassador and so excited to try this bag clip out!

I will admit, I am concerned about the chain. I have this fear that if I knock my bag the wrong way it will just snap off, BUT! So far it has been very durable in my throwing around of the back packs. Score! I love how this bag clip totally represents my personality-it’s also a plus that when it’s in a pile of all the CUR RD’s bags I can easily tell mine apart from the rest….Not to mention something new offered from OO..


You can get your living locket engraved!

IMG_3715 copy

If you know me, you know I have a past of severe addiction to in-home business consultants and I have had LOTS AND LOTS of parties (gotta get that free stuff!) I will say that some consultants that I have had that hosted the parties for me were inexperienced, which made my parties not so fun. April knows head to toe EVERYTHING there is to know about Origami Owl and the specials they have going on, along with host specials and she will show you how to get the best (and most blingful) bang for your buck. It’s so nice to have an independent designer that knows the ropes because when I opened the catalog at first I was definitely overwhelmed by all the options. (WHY CAN’T I HAVE EVERYTHING!?) IF you’re looking to get some Origami Owl in your life to tell your story, April is your woman!

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