Reflecting on Pureology & a Memorable Haircut!

I was given samples of Pureology conditioner to facilitate this review by Reflections Salon in Mason City. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

My life has been a whirlwind lately but I’m back and I am determined to be a more regular blogger! I have my next few things I plan to write about mapped out–let’s hope I can keep it timely!

My hair’s life is full of color treatments and hair dryers and damaging products. I couldn’t wait to try what Pureology conditioner for color treated hair was going to swing my way.

I dont’t have a water softner in my home–yet! So, my review may be different from others around the block. I started by using my normal shampoo and washed it out. When I applied the Pureology conditioner I noticed there was a light lather and slight tingling….not like a burnin feeling, more of like a cool invigorating IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP feeling.


I am so cloudy and groggy in the morning and when I felt the cool tinglyness I was like AH WAKE UP and I was ready to go. I kept the conditioner in my hair while I washed my body and (I would say shave my legs, but, come on, we know how rare that is.) When I started to wash it out I noticed it was very easy to wash out. Some conditioners I’ve tried to wash out of my  hair seemed to have taken hours to wash out, but Pureology was very quick and I could tell my hair was nice and clean and all of the gunk was gone.

When it came to styling it was so easy to style! I blow dried my hair and did my straightener thing and was good to go! Im definitely excited to get myself a bottle.


Another thing about Reflections Salon in Mason City – They are awesome! I took my son to get his first Hair Cut by Diane and She did a fabulous job!! He was even clung to my chest and it will turned out amazing! He gets compliments on it all the time! below are some photos. Enjoy!





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