Shoreline Sightseeing: An Architectural Tour of Chicago

It was announced that we would be jumping aboard the Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture Tour and my eyes lit up! I had just accepted a job at Bergland + Cram Architects as their Graphic Designer and couldn’t think of a better way to dive into my knew knowledge of architecture other than learning about some of the most amazing architecture in the world, located in Chicago.

We had some time to kill after we got our tickets so we walked around Navy Pier for a bit. It was a ton of fun to see hundreds of people going about their lives having out a Navy Pier. When it was time to jump on board the boat there was a bit of confusion (at least for me) as to which boat we were to get on. There was a Shoreline Sightseeing boat docked up at Navy Pier and a sign that read what kind of tours and what time the tours was. The sign also included the time for the Architecture Tour, so we thought that was the boat for us. We soon learned that in fact that boat was not our port of call (no one was in sight.) After a little walking we started to see signs clear as day guiding us to the Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture Tour. DUH LONI….FOLLOW THE SIGNS.

We got to our destination and there were quite a few on board. As people climbed up they had the opportunity to take a photo by a professional photographer. I quickly learned the bar was downstairs and immediately knew this ride was going to be good. I grabbed my $5 Summer Shandy and was ready for the ride of my life.

Got my drink and ready to go.

Got my drink and ready to go.

Our tour guide’s name was Victor. He was quite the character. In my experience I have learned that if you’re going to go on a guided tour, you need to have an awesome, fun, upbeat tour guide. The tour guide is what makes or breaks the tour. I have been on guided tours where the guide didn’t have a clue about what she was talking about or how to engage with the participants. Victor, however, dropped his architectural knowledge in the most entertaining way possible. I don’t want to spill much info but the next time you’re in Chicago, take the tour and demand to have Victor. He will teach you some very interesting things about the way some of the most iconic buildings were designed and built.

I was entertained the entire 75 minutes we were on the boat, it was a beautiful night and I had a drink in my hand so it wasn’t hard to do. I was pretty bummed to learn that the tour was going to be ending soon. I wish it could have been longer.






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