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SkyDeck Chicago: I laugh in the face of danger.

I was given free access to the SkyDeck in Willis Tower of Chicago to Facilitate this review. All thoughts are honest and 100% my own.

When I heard news that the North Iowa Bloggers were going to take the SkyDeck by storm I was ecstatic! I love a good adrenaline rush (Roller Coasters, Free Falling, Zip Lining (never have done that though)) and I knew with the adventurous bloggers we were in for a good time.

The SkyDeck ledge is on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower quite the elevator ride. The building itself can sway 18 inches either way while standing (well, it’s always standing.) Since we were given free access to the SkyDeck we were able to enter before the tourism hot spot opened at 9:00. Our scheduled arrival time was 8:00…We may have gotten turned around a little bit from our phone GPS, but we made it shortly after 8:00. Thank God we got in when we did because the second we made it through SkyDeck Security, hundreds of school age kids were making their way to their field trip destination (The SkyDeck.)


Laura loves the Fast Pass

We were given the fast pass. There is an opportunity to buy the regular ticket to wait longer in line or you can purchase a fast pass ticket for a quicker ride. The line was set up wonderfully with entertaining art on the walls depicting all kinds of facts of about the SkyDeck (of course I didn’t get a picture of it,) but since we were the first ones there, we did not have to wait in said line. We jetted our way to the top instantly!

We entered the SkyDeck area and it was an awesome floor. Before we made the trip I was under the impression that there was one huge ledge that all tourists gathered on for a picture and the camera of your own bringing, but I discovered  there were many ledges and many views of Chicago around the whole floor. I thought this was awesome because I did not want to have to wait in a long line for one ledge.

There was a certain ledge set up with professional camera equipment if you wanted to buy your own photo on the ledge. Of course the bloggers took full advantage of the photo op! Initially I was timid when walking out on the ledge. Not sure why because I know the glass is tougher than nails but I slowly made my way onto the ledge and we were good to go! We had many different poses with the professional camera, then we even had to get a selfie stick selfie in there. Leslie got her ultimate handstand in Chicago in and we got some silly selfies done.




Thanks. for the free fallin’ selfie with and myself!


A few of the bloggers took advantage of the audio tour we were provided. It talks about the different SkyDeck views of Chicago and fun facts about the SkyDeck. There was event a mini gift shop on the 103rd floor where I bought a big ol’ coffee mug. I wish I would have known there was another HUGE gift shop downstairs at the end of the tourism attraction, I would ┬áhave waited to go down there to buy my mug because they had many, many…MANY more options. And hot dog hats. And pizza hats. There was a lego set of the Willis Tower I wanted to get for my son, but it didn’t come in the large Duple version of legos so I refrained. I will wait until he’s older and take him to get them himself!

Being on the SkyDeck was everything I expected and more. It’s way fun to say you’re 103 floors up!! I know I would love to take my family there someday.

A huge thanks to SkyDeck Chicago for all of the Fast Pass, Tickets, complimentary photos, note pads bags, thumb drives, audio tour and hospitality!!! You are awesome!


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  1. It was so fun to watch you enjoy the experience. You take enthusiasm with you everywhere! I loved being part of this with you! Great post. You added a bunch of things I left out–that is why it is good there are so many of us all writing about these!

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