The new place in town: Boulder Taphouse

I was not compensated for this post. This is a fun event my husband and I are planning each month on our own. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

With E almost two years old, Riley and I are quickly noticing our quality time together is diminishing. While we love have family time as a family of three, we believe it’s healthy for any married couple to have some alone time together.  With a sitter scheduled, we decided to make a fun adventure of it!

Over a year ago (yes I know, a whole year–We be busy people.) I took to social media land and asked on various North Iowa groups what they thought was the #1 restaurant to go to in North Iowa. It was only a new hours later that I had acquired over 200 responses. TWO HUNDRED. We must have some pretty darn good food in our area!

I compiled the list and discovered their locations. numbering them one by one. Now, Riley and I only have a chance to go on a date about once a month, so we have come to the conclusion of naming it “Tour De Iowa.” Since we get roughly 12 dates a year, it was very hard to decide which of the 200 restaurants we would go to this year. We took to our little man E.

I number some tags and folded them and put them in a bucket. One by one I had E pick them out, and whatever number was on the ticket, would correspond with the number on the spreadsheet! We are set to go, HOWEVER….

A lot has changed with the spreadsheet in the last year, some restaurants have closed, while others opened up, including the Boulder Taphouse. When I saw a Boulder Taphouse was coming to Mason City Iowa I was very excited as there are only 5 and the food looks delish! We wanted to give it a shot. We forewent the spread sheet and started with this new establishment.

Entering the establishment, we noticed the very large selection of beer (which is great for date night!) We also noticed it had the same feel and atmosphere as your normal Applebee’s or Buffalo Wild Wings. We were greeted by pleasant hosts who sat us in a high top in the bar area.

Riley and I couldn’t stop hearing all the talk about the CHEESE CURDS. Apparently they aren’t your every day cheese curds, they are monsters from another world. Just look at them!


These cheese curds are huge cube sized curds served normally as an appetizer. It was fun to say we were eating such huge cheese curds, and the cheese inside was nice and melty. You have the choice of yellow cheese, white cheese, or a mix of both, we opted for both! Although we had fun eating huge cheese curds (we couldn’t even finish them because we wanted save room for the meal,) They didn’t come with ranch dressing. I’m sure you could ask for a side of ranch, but nothing beats Mulligan’s *GOOD* cheese curds (yes, the *GOOD* cheese curds are something different than what’s on their menu.) with their home made ranch dressing.

We of course had to order a beer, since we were at a taphouse! I opted for my go to of Stella Artois, and Riley ordered a Scheels Bock. There were So. Many. OPTIONS! It was definitely hard to decide what to order for a beer, we could’ve spent all night trying to decide.

A gal named Jamie was our server and she was as sweet as could be. she made nice conversation and remembered details. I thought it was impressive that she remembered which movie we had said we were going to (The Revenant, will Leo get the Oscar?)

As we were browsing the menu, Riley noticed there were only burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and appetizers on it. He normally likes to indulge in a steak or chicken entree, he’s not much of a sandwich man. He was slightly disappointed in this. He opted for a Build Your Own Burger that included a type of pepper bacon and swiss cheese. We both thought it was entertaining that there is a Bacon platter with different flavors of bacon as an app. Who doesn’t like bacon? He also got Parmesan french fries.

build your own

I ordered something new, a Hickory Burger. It had a special Boulder Taphouse sauce on it. Instead of fries I opted for Fried Pickles. I LOVE FRIED PICKLES….These pickles were nicely breaded and perfectly crispy. I could definitely tell they just came out of the fryer. They were delicious, although the batter could have used more seasoning, or some type of seasoning on them.


We both thought our burgers were nice and juicy, and delicious. The onion strings on mine were nice and crispy. I normally don’t like onion rings, but I wanted to order the burger as is for our Tour De Iowa purposes. and I loved the onion strings.

All in all we had a good first experience at Boulder Taphouse. It’s a great place to go when you’re looking for a burger and a beer to do your sportsing. sports watching? Plenty of televisions, guaranteed one of them is on a channel you want to watch!

Stay tuned for our next stop on Tour De North Iowa, we made a major twist! Think “Chicago.”

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    • Enough sportsing for all of us! There’s quite an adventure that lay ahead. I haven’t determined if I should post the sheet of all 12 months of where we are going, or if I should just leave a clif hanger month by month and have people guess.. thoughts?

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