Tour De North Iowa II: Bring the Taste of Chicago to Your Front Door

Like I said before, the list we compiled of the best restaurants in North Iowa is over a year old. It just so happens that the second restaurant we drew out of the bucket to visit happens to no longer be in service. So, we tried something unique.

I struggled with deciding whether or not our decision was truly a Tour De North Iowa, but alas, it highlights the fact that while we have amazing restaurants in Iowa, sometimes you want a taste of another city without spending the cashola of flight and hotel (and we needed something because our original pick was out of business.) We had pizza and popcorn delivered. All the way from Chicago. Giordano’s and Garrett Popcorn to be exact.


I can hear you now, “Say whaaa? You can get pizza delivered from hundreds of miles away?”

Yes. You Can. Want to know how?

Visit Giordano’s website and select the “Ship” Option, or click here.

No, you can’t only order one, they come in packs of two! That’s ok though, if you can’t eat both at the same time, your second pizza will be good in the freezer for 6 months. There’s a 2-pack, 4-pack, or 6-pack option. If you don’t want to keep them in a freezer, find someone to go in on it with you. Next time I plan to do this.

Next time? That must have meant it was amazing!

You’re right.

IMG_4939It was cheesy pepperoni goodness in my mouth. It tasted like it came straight out of the Oven at Giordanos and right to my house.

Instructions for baking are unique:

  1. Fill bowl with hot water and place sauce packet in to thaw sauce
  2. Microwave pizza for 6 minutes to maximize cheese melting
  3. That convection fan? If ya got one, do not use it
  4. Place pizza directly to rack and bake
  5. Spread thawed sauce on top

Originally we thought this pizza was a deep dish pool of sauce. But in fact, it’s a deep dish full of whatever meat you want (or no meat,) a brick of cheese, and a little saucy sauce on top.

You will not regret ordering this delightful taste of Chicago.

Did I mention this was a little Chicago themed Oscar date night with my husband? It was awesome, we had a contest to see who could guess the most Oscar winners correctly. He won. Of course.

What’s a Chicago themed Oscar party without popcorn? When I went to Chicago last spring with the IMG_4940North Iowa Bloggers, I tried my first taste of Garrett Popcorn. I had been dying to have it again, and when I discovered that this too can be sent to your door, I jumped on the chance. Ship Garrett Popcorn to your door by clicking here.

Last time I brought my husband home the delicious buttery flavor. This time we opted for something different and went for Cheesy! While the Garrett Mix (aka Chicago Mix) is caramel corn and cheesy corn mixed together is very favorable among what seems like everyone, Riley doesn’t like caramel corn, and I don’t know about mixing the two.

Having the cheesy Garrett Popcorn was the perfect topper to our Chicago Oscar party. Definitely was a perfect date (because my Leo won.)

What do you think would be a fun themed Oscar party?

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