Week 1 of the 21 Day Fix. You want me as your coach?

Day 1

Started the day with chocolate shakeology with iced coffee, a dash of pumpkin spice and vanilla quickly discovered I didn’t like it but I suffered through drinking it. I thought it was horrible. Maybe if was delicious l, but I’m coming from a place where I had more Cinnabon international delight creamer than coffee. I WILL ADJUST. 1 red

The office took us on a some what surprise lunch to celebrate some great news and our lunch spot was Wok and Roll. So, this was my first experience with restaurant eating while on the 21 day fix. I was hoping they would make it easy for me by offering some sort of salad but one did not appear on the menu. I normally devour an order of crab rangoons, egg drop soup, and generals sous chicken with fried rice which I often salt–with a large MD of course. Today I consciously looked at my choices and hoped it was Healthier than the normal option. Water. Some sort of steak dish on a bed of veggies, and steamed white rice with house sauce. It was delicious. Of course, as everything at wok and roll is. But, I mentally thought about my container sizes and ate what I was hoping was the appropriate amount of each. Hindsight, I should have asked for the house sauce on the side–eh, what’s done is done. I am hoping it was one red, one green, one orange, and one yellow

Wok N' Roll

Wok N’ Roll

Dinner time I made myself a wonderful spinach salad with strawberries, chicken, goat cheese and avocado with a bit of balsamic dressing. One green, one purple, one red one blue and one orange.


It’s my plan to do my workouts at night after E money goes to bed. However with the side affects of NF, one being fatigue. I get very tired. Like all the time. I complained and said I was too tired to work out. Sad face.

Day 2

I added almond milk to my shakeology/coffee mix today and it was a crap ton better! I think I will be using almond milk as my creamer from now on. I also enjoyed a banana. One red, one yellow, one purple!

Lunch. Oh lunch. I’m quickly learning I have no back bone. I was in Okoboji for work today and I can’t stop hearing people rave about Taco House. You can’t imagine Taco House would have anything healthy do you? I’m not even going to go there. Just know that it was bad judgement. BUT THE BEST TACOS EVER! (Aside from Pastime Gardens and Taco Tico.)

Dinner. I’m a big fan of left overs so I helped myself to another round of strawberry salad. I think that was it. I need to be better at logging what I’m eating and blogging about it the same night then I have a better memory.

Day 3

Breakfast. Shakeology. Banana. Yummy of course. Same as in days past. I have yet to spend time crushing ice and blending and veggies with it.

Lunch. I enjoyed something new! A Greek chicken pita. Cut up onion, cucumber and avocado. Spinach. Cut up chicken. Then mixed a TINY bit of ranch seasoning into plain Greek yogurt to make a better version of ranch dressing. Accompanied by carrots and grapes. One or 2 green. 1 red. 1 purple. 1 blue. 1 yellow


Dinner. Riley was helping a friend with some software for his business so it was just me and the big E. E isn’t patient what so ever when it comes to dinner. I just threw a couple Hebrew National all beef all natural Frank’s in the microwave. Accompanied by spinach salad, carrots. A BUN. Grapes and banana.

Major score! I wasn’t too tired to work out tonight. It was “leg day” and it killed me.

Day 4

You’re beginning to know the drill of my repetitiveness but I by no means am getting sick of it at all. I do need to learn to have some snacks ready and strategically plan my 2 yellows I am allowed.

I was in Ames for work this day and we ended up having a break from photography around brunch. Which is great because there are some great healthy breakfast foods. We met up with one of our summer interns and had some brunch at The Cafe where I thoughtfully picked my meal. One scrambled egg, side of fruit, and bacon 2 slices. I asked for turkey bacon but that was a no go. Still so delicious and portioned correctly. Partnered with wa-wa (h2o)

By the afternoon my thighs were definitely throwing flaming fists at me as we repeatedly went up and down hills and all over landscapes to capture beautiful photos of homes and businesses we designed (to view them check out Bergland and Cram online here.) the only downfall was that i started a slippery slope of saying “oh wow all this elevation climbing definitely means I don’t need to work out tonight.” Or “how am I supposed to do Pilates when I can’t move my legs?”

Our next break was a late lunch. Where do you have to eat when you’re in Ames? Hickory Park of course! Here is where the slippery slope comminuted. I ordered a club. And I could tell you that I tore it apart and just ate the meat and veggies and excluded mayo and had a side salad instead of Fries. But. You probably know what really happened, which extra ranch. ITS BECAUSE I WALKED UP ALL THOSE HILLS. Ugh.

I still need to work on having snacks. Maybe that would help me to be a little better at my meal time eating?

Day 5

Friday. PARTY. Also the only day I ate beautifully. And no I did not exercise. I even had snacks this day. For breakfast I had my Shakeology with a banana. Carrots with a bitty hummus for a snack. For lunch my husband wanted to go out to lunch so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. While there I was very conscious about what it was  I was about to put into my body and I paid attention to the Restaurant Guide in the 21 Day Fix book. I had a grilled buffalito wrap thing which was a little baby tortilla with grilled chicken and lettuce/cheese. A salad on the side with WATER. I didn’t feel bloated afterwards and it was great. I do miss my Queso Chili Dip that I ALWAYS get when  I go there.

I made hamburger stuffed peppers. delish!

I made hamburger stuffed peppers. delish!


Day 6

Don’t talk to me. (see post on West Fork Wharf coming soon!)

Day 7

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Very unhealthy delicious roast in the crock pot for the fam. I opted to try a ground turkey Gyro that I found the recipe for here. I didn’t have tomatoes. so I just had my wheat pita filled with ground turkey, greek yogurt, feta cheese, and avocado. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. I am making them again. If nothing else, I am broadening my horizons on things I can cook for my family that are on the healthier side. My son also preferred the ground turkey over the roast. We served sweet potato and spinach salad (of course) with it!



I tried my hand at making spaghetti squash for the first time…it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible. It didn’t look pretty so I didn’t take a picture. Dinner was just that with ground turkey. Kind of Blah.

The First week here on the 21 day fix I am quickly learning I make too many excuses as to why I chose to eat one thing or the other, and working out I feel like kissing good bye. I need some motivational comments to get that work out routine going! It sucks that the first day I worked out was leg day. I must try again. One of my favorite parts about this 21 day fix is that you never have to fully give up. I am easily noticing that I make a conscious effort to have at least 2 meals a day be good healthy choices for my family, and for snacks I am reaching for that apple or those carrots with hummus rather than the bag of chips (ok I had that for lunch one day) and that delicious leaf sugar cookie (ok I ate one of those too…I WAS GUILTED INTO IT….There were only 3 left.)


In conclusion: It’s a good thing I’m not your coach. My coach however is AWESOME. I just need to get my F-ing rear in gear!

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